Individual Sessions



I offer free, 15-minute video or phone consultations for new clients. This is one way for us to get a sense of how we might work together, as well as to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the therapeutic process.

First appointments are 90 minutes long, in order to complete intake processes and have time to go over basic information, goals, and priorities. Regular individual sessions run for approximately 50 minutes. Regardless of the topic at hand, clients decide for themselves how much or how little detail of their experiences they are comfortable sharing within their session. My job is to support clients as and how they need, which entails clients deciding what they are okay with sharing in that moment.


Initial intakes (90 minutes) are $200. Follow up sessions (50 minutes) cost $150/hour, and my services are covered by many insurance plans. Please contact your insurance provider if you are unsure about your exact coverage. Please contact me directly to discuss sliding scale options.


Confidentiality is key to a strong therapeutic relationship, as well as an ethical requirement for psychologists. What you tell me in a session is private as well as confidential; however, there are some legal limitations to confidentiality.

1) If a client provides information during a session with regard to a child or other vulnerable person (as designated under the Protection for Persons in Care Act) where there is evidence that the vulnerable person may be at risk, psychologists are legally required to report that risk.

2) If a client provides information during a session where there is a reasonable risk that they may harm either themselves or someone else, psychologists are legally required to report that risk.

3) If a court subpoenas (orders) a client's file, psychologists are legally required to provide the file to the court. However, in cases involving sexual violence, survivors have specific rights pertaining to the release of information. Please consult a lawyer for further clarification.

4) If you have suffered a psychological injury at your workplace that results in you not being able to work or to perform your regular, required duties, psychologists are legally required to report this risk to Workers Compensation Board of Alberta.

Finally, if using insurance benefits to pay for sessions, your insurer may have the right to request information regarding your sessions. A discussion with such third parties will never take place without client consent, but please note that insurance companies have different regulations and policies surrounding payment for sessions. I strongly urge all clients to please discuss any concerns regarding access to information with your insurance company prior to booking appointments.

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